Our client is an industrial fastener distributor based out of Miami, Florida. They specialize in carrying a wide range of industrial fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, washers, studs, and so on. They sell online and they have few retail locations across US. 


  1. Customer was using WooCommerce as their shopping platform which had its own limitations 
  2. Multi-level categorizations of all the products for easy access  
  3. Uneven filter numerical sorting options  
  4. Splitting product titles to differentiate the product-related information appended on the title for easy understanding for the user  
  5. The site was very slow and not responsive to various devices 


We assisted our client by designing the storefront and making online buying more convenient for their consumers. To aid our client’s expansion, we developed various features in addition to the standard Shopify store features. We have also been involved with the following customizations: 

  1. Helped with setting up their Shopify store, customizing the theme, and implementing various UI/UX modules 
  2. Used metafields to create sub-categories for each product listing with all the available products and their information 
  3. Created a custom numerical sorting of filters for the size and length of the products depending on the available range 
  4. We redefined the product titles for splitting the information such as size, type, material, and so on with “/”. 
  5. We imported products from CSV files and pushed it to Shopify 
  6. We imported customers and orders from WooCommerce to Shopify 


Shopify, Liquid, Shopify Flow, C#, SQL Server and Management Studio, Html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Shopify API, Shopify GraphQL 

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