Our client is a wholesale furniture retailer with two warehouses, one in California and one in New Jersey. The site was formerly hosted on EpiServer as their eCommerce platform, and the customer desired to migrate to Shopify. Our client primarily sells couches, furniture, and home decor items for living, dining, workstation, and outdoor use, etc.


  1.  Separate pricing levels should be displayed for different customer tiers
  2.  Customized filter options to make items/products on the site for easy access
  3.  Ability to add employees, departments, etc.
  4.  Customize the wholesale customer sign up process
  5.  Implement wholesale customer approval process
  6.  Make warehouse inventory available for customers quick access to the products on the website
  7.  Customized checkout functionality of Shopify to accommodate capturing the payment from ERP


We at Aroopa helped our client in migrating their website from EpiServer to the Shopify platform. Our migration procedure entails replicating the user experience of EpiServer themes to Shopify themes, as well as basic configuration settings, shop setup, and importing orders and customers from EpiServer to Shopify. In addition to the basic migration process, we also helped our client with the following features;

  1. Developed a custom app for sign-up process for identifying the customer tiers, complete with approval, rejection, and pending status based on the customer’s input throughout the signup process.
  2. Adding a range of filter options such as mono colors, pricing, size, and so on for both wholesale and shipping included consumers for convenience of use on the product listing page.
  3. Warehouse inventory is a new feature that appears on the product description page for the selected variation and indicates the availability of items along with their location, availability, and estimated restock date.
  4. Maintained different checkout experiences for both wholesale and shipping included customers with different pricing ranges.


SQL Server, Azure, Azure functions, Sendgrid, React, Nodejs (custom app), API development, ERP integration


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