Multi-Channel Inventory Management & ERP Software

Our platform allows you to list products across various channels, synchronize inventory across all channels, manage orders, ship orders, track inventory across various warehouses, track inbound inventory, outbound inventory, reserved inventory, generate analytical reports and provides ability to manage campaigns to boost sales and increase ROI.

Supplier Feed Management

Not all suppliers are same. Every supplier provides you their product catalog  data/inventory in different formats. Our dropship automation solution supports a number of file formats and a number of protocols.

  1. Unlimited supplier support.
  2. Centralized data of product catalog
  3. Supports EDI, excel, txt, csv, custom file formats, edi, xml, REST API formats of data.
  4. Ability to schedule the inventory and product update intervals
  5. Setup manual update process or automated process.
  6. Setup markup rules against each supplier.
  7. Setup minimum and maximum markup rules at supplier level.

Centralized Inventory Management


  1. Creates a centralized product catalog system.
  2. Showcases the inventory levels at various suppliers
  3. Provides a snapshot view of the various price points from various various suppliers
  4. Has more controls to reduce over selling and selling out of stock products
  5. Various reports to replenish inventory levels.
  6. Ability to setup lots and minimum quantity levels.

Multichannel Order Management

  1. Connects to all marketplaces(amazon, ebay, Jet, Walmart, Wish, Sears) and shopping carts(Magento, Nopcommerce Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, 3dcart and more) to download orders.
  2. Intuitive interface to track and manage orders.
  3. Setup order organization rules
  4. Setup rules to route orders to suppliers and warehouses.
  5. Supports auto routing orders to suppliers through email, EDI and various other formats. Also supports routing orders to Amazon FBA.
  6. Ability to create various order templates and export them in various formats

Shipping Orders

  1. Integrated with Endicia, Fedex and UPS carriers
  2. Ability to ship individual orders or ship in bulk batches
  3. Ability to reprint labels and track the progress of the shipment
  4. Automatically sends the tracking number to customers
  5. Ability to void the tracking numbers
  6. Ability to export the various shipping activities in excel or any format.


  1. Integrated with Zendesk and Freshdesk CRM softwares
  2. Integrated with ebay messaging API
  3. All tickets are downloaded to our solution and provides you a way to organize them and track the responses
  4. Convert emails to tickets and all tickets are tagged against individual orders.
  5. Provides ability to create templates and setup auto responses to tickets received.
  6. Helps to improve SLA’s and helps with improved customer ratings.

Shopping Aggregators Product Feed

  1. Provides you ability to generate Google shopping, Bing shopping, eBay commerce network, Shareasale, Facebook datafeeds.
  2. In built mechanisms to restrict products, brands, keywords etc…
  3. Provides you an intuitive interface to map store categories to product aggregator categories.
  4. Ability to generate custom feed formats.

Custom Solution

Not all business are same. Every business is unique and needs certain customization. Our automation platform is flexible for customization. We customize our platform for individual businesses. Please email us at and we will schedule a demo session and take it further.

Hire Us!

Looking for a complete custom solution? Hire us now to build a platform from scratch. We have experience in building solutions using various API’s available and we can get this done more quickly than any other development companies.