Our client is a leading insurance claim processing services provider. Their proprietary platform provides solutions to those who insure and self-insure corporate and public risks. The client also employed a team of adjusters who would visit places to check and record information for processing claims, and all expenses that were incurred via their platform. The software also offers an end-to-end process for automating their claims, including claim capture, claim assignment, commissions, and payment production with a structured approval system.


1. Platform was not mobile and tablet friendly
2. Platform was developed using legacy technologies which are out dated
3. Adjusters prefer mobile/tablets over others while performing field works
4. Efficient claim allocation to an adjuster
5. Report organization
6. Creating customized survey forms within the application
7. Performance inefficiency of the application while handling huge number of claims
8. Managing payments and commissions in an efficient manner


At Aroopa, we assisted our client by providing end-to-end solutions for their needs, such as Symbility integration for automated claim generation and updating claim statuses via third-party API, managing claim cycle, taskassignment process, automatic report generation, customizing report/ surveyform template, and many other features to improve our clients’ day-to-day activities.
1. Developed the whole technological architecture for the application
2. Integrated a built-in form builder which allows designing customized survey forms
3. Aided in automating invoice, payment, and commissions workflows
4. Google Maps integration helped to discover an available adjuster who was closer to the Insurer
5. Automated report generation with a streamlined approval process
6. Developed customized mobile app for tracking with timeline feature, map integration, form integration and other features that work on both Android and iOS devices
7. Limited data flow in the application for better performance


Node JS, React.JS, Tailwind CSS, Redux thunk, Express server, Postgres SQL, JWT  authentication, Azure storage container, Sendgrid, Microsoft Azure, Symbility, Microsoft graph API, Google maps

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