Our customer is a SAAS healthcare professional platform provider. The platform is enhanced with a variety of features that enable HCPs to streamline their day-to-day business processes and meet their compliance requirements  and standards. The platform also provides features that enable the creation of new contracts, the distribution of funds, grant administration access, and many other functions. 


  1. Building an application with user experience was the topmost challenge as most of the HCPs are non-technical. 
  2. Making this application available and working on the web, tablets, and mobile devices for HCPs. 
  3. Centralize compliance forms for easier access among clients. 
  4. Make available the document repositories to store and centralize the documents. 
  5. Scaling up the platform’s performance as more clients are added to the platform. 


At Aroopa, we delivered a comprehensive solution that included analyzing platform requirements, interviewing HCPs to better understand their needs, collaborating with the development team to create the platform, and onboarding new clients. We provided end-to-end implementation. To be more specific, we were involved in  

  1. Designing the technical architecture for the entire platform. 
  2. Implemented the Azure cloud infrastructure to house various components. 
  3. UI prototyping and discussions with different business owners. 
  4. Creating a variety of UI and back-end components. 
  5. Implemented a variety of integration with third-party APIs. 
  6. Onboarding new HCPs. 
  7. Support HCPs with various ongoing incidents and supports requests.  


Angular, .NET Core, SQL Server, Azure, Azure functions, Azure logic apps, Form.io, Azure storage, Sendgrid. 

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