Our client is a leading online furniture store and home décor retailer based out of New Jersey. Our client has launched several unique products to fit our day-to-day living and working spaces. Their online store carries trending furnishing in almost any style from mid-century modern to coastal, rustic, farmhouse collections. 


  1. Used EpiServer as their current shopping cart which has performance issues and the client desired to migrate to Shopify as their eCommerce platform 
  2. Store availability was a challenge and needed frequent support and maintenance 
  3. An issue with the ERP system that caused inefficient order tracking and shipment delays 
  4. Differentiating B2B customers was a challenge 


We at Aroopa helped our client by improving their website taking care of all concerns they had earlier which enabled their online store to target a wider audience and also boost their sales at the same time. This transformation helped our client jump back into the online retail business as a competitor which resulted in more traffic to their website with happy customers. 

  1. Replicated their current UI as a Shopify theme 
  2. Imported all their products, customers, and orders into Shopify store 
  3. Developed a custom app for sign-up process with approval, rejection, and pending status based on the customer’s input throughout the signup process. 
  4. Added a range of filter options such as colors, size, pricing and so on for convenience of use on the product listing page. 
  5. Created and developed an API for their ERP system for improved customer experience and product delivery 
  6. Improved order tracking facilities that resulted in no shipment delays or order cancellation 


Shopify Plus, Shopify Liquid, Shopify Flow, Script Editor, SQL Server, Sendgrid, React, Azure storage, Nodejs, Html, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript 

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