Our client is a bedding and home decor brand based out of Austin, Texas. They specialize in selling top-quality Blankets, Duvets, Sheets, Pillow Covers, and many more products at affordable prices. 


  1. Shopify store support and maintenance for quicker design changes and new template additions 
  2. End-to-end automation flow 
  3. Centralized inventory management, order management, and Feed Management  
  4. Integration with Fishbowl Inventory Platform 
  5. Generate customized reports for replenishment, Purchase Orders to the suppliers, Sales report, etc.  


Aroopa assisted our client by developing an end-to-end Shopify presence with continuous Shopify store support and maintenance, which included store setup, basic configuration settings, managing apps that assisted our client in increasing sales. Furthermore, we also helped our client with Aroopa’s SMCommerce Inventory and Order management technology, which aided in Order Processing, Inventory Management, Chat/Email Support, Store Management, and so on. 

  1. Continuous support for Shopify design changes, page additions, page modifications, and other store maintenance activities 
  2. Created and developed an API for their ERP system for improved customer experience and product delivery  
  3. Added a range of filter options such as colors, size, pricing, and so on for the convenience of use on the product listing page 
  4. Integrating with their purchase order and ware housing system 
  5. Support them with optimizing their back-office operations 
  6. Supporting and managing their PPC and social media campaigns 


Shopify Plus, Shopify Liquid, Shopify Flow, ASP.NET framework, SQL Server, React, Node JS 

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