Our client is a New York-based children’s and women’s clothing brand. Their identity was to stand for social justice and equality. They carried a broad variety of dresses for children of all ages, women’s wear, art paintings, and tribal dolls. 


  1. Shopify store support and maintenance for quicker design changes and new template additions  
  2. Customized filter options to make items/products on the site for easy access 
  3. Template for displaying the recommended product details when adding products to the cart 


Aroopa assisted our client by upgrading their website and by creating an attractive storefront making online buying more convenient. We offered ongoing Shopify store assistance and maintenance, including basic store setup and configurations, theme creation, and migration services. Furthermore, we assisted our client with the following features: 

  1. Continuous support for Shopify design changes, page additions, page modifications, and other store maintenance activities  
  2. Added a range of filter options such as colors, size, pricing, and so on for the convenience of use on the product listing page  
  3. Used external third-party apps and developed various features like product reviews and photos in addition to the standard Shopify store features  
  4. Developed a Quick view pop-up with order details that appear after adding a product to the cart, which also includes recommended products list 
  5. Added Gift message option on the cart and checkout pages  
  6. Created a separate blog page for their featured artists 


Shopify Plus, Shopify Liquid, Shopify Flow, Html, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript, Node JS 

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