Our client carries top-quality car battery chargers that are similar to the original OEM Chargers. They are based out of Miami, Florida, and they provide car battery chargers for most of the car brands and models using the most up-to-date technology and information. 


  1. Shopify store support and maintenance for quicker design changes and new template additions  
  2. Multi-level categorizations of all products and brands for easy access  
  3. Customized filter options to make products and brands available on the site for easy access  
  4. Modifications to the design and template for displaying the products   


We at Aroopa helped our client by optimizing their user experience by designing and maintaining the storefront to make online buying more convenient for the customers. We provided continuous Shopify store support and maintenance, which included continuous theme development and adjustments. In addition, we also helped our client with the following features; 

  1. Added a separate brands page to list out all the available brands for easy customer access  
  2. Developed a Quick view pop-up for every product with its details and description    
  3. Used external third-party apps and developed various features like product reviews and photos in addition to the standard Shopify store features   
  4. Added featured product categories and their description on the home page for quicker access  
  5. Developed a template for finding the chargers and other accessories for every brand and model for easy customer access  


Shopify Plus, Shopify Liquid, Shopify Flow, Html, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript, React, Node JS 

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