Our client is a leading provider of rapid drug testing kits, having performed more than 20 million tests to date. The store offers two separate test kit alternatives – one for home and one for business, with the number of test kits that are being provided. 


  1. Customer was using WooCommerce as their shopping platform which had its own performance and usability issues 
  2. Required no separate product listing page or product description page 
  3. Displaying each variant with its price level for easy access 


Aroopa assisted our client by upgrading their website from WooCommerce to Shopify making online buying more convenient. We offered ongoing Shopify store assistance and maintenance, including basic store setup and configurations, theme creation, and migration services. Furthermore, we assisted our client with the following features: 

  1. Recreated their current store UI from WooCommerce to Shopify themes 
  2. Imported all their products, customers, and orders into Shopify store 
  3. Created a customized Shopify theme to display all product data on a single landing page 
  4. Added product details and showed related product details on the same page 
  5. Displayed all of the product’s versions, along with their prices and quantities 
  6. A popup with order details appears after adding a product to the cart 


Shopify Plus, Shopify Liquid, Shopify Flow, Html, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript, React, Node JS 

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