Our client is an online medical retail specialty store specializes in compression garments in the management of lymphedema and post-surgical care. Lymphedema is chronic swelling in a limb or body region caused by the accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the interstitial spaces and subcutaneous tissues. This platform is mainly designed to provide specified and customized compression garments (Lymphedema fitters) for persons with Lymphedema. 


  1. Organize products based on different body parts for the easy access by customers 
  2. Centralized forms/ modules to simplify the insurance process for the customers 
  3. Customized order facility process for patients and physicians 
  4. Scaling up the platform’s order management performance as there are more patients and physicians 


At Aroopa, we helped in developing a portal that allows employees, patients, and clinicians to set up their account and order the garments. We designed the portal to be intuitive and user-friendly in such a way that the users can customize various options of the garments. To be more specific, we were involved in 

  1. Developed the whole technical architecture for the entire application 
  2. End-to-end development and UX discussions with the business owners and business users 
  3. Implemented various user types and their user flows 
  4. Created a form module to make the insurance process easier for the patients 
  5. Created predefined readymade product categories for specific body parts 
  6. Added a list of videos on how to measure their sizes for specific body parts for their customized fitters 
  7. Separate order management for patients and physicians for particular set of patients 
  8. Production deployment, support and maintenance 


React.JS, Node JS, Postgres, API, Azure 

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