MWS API Development

Our team of MWS API developers have worked with number of Sellers and software vendors in various integrations such as downloading orders, updating inventories, creating shipment plans, submitting fulfillment orders, getting back statuses etc…

How can we help?

We can help you with building either web based solutions or desktop based solutions. Our resources have 8+ years of experience with Marketplace Webservices based development. Here are some quick modules that we can help you with

  1. Product listing – We can provide you an ability to push your products to interface directly from your existing application or build interfaces.
  2. Download orders – We can use the orders API and pull the orders at regular intervals and store it in your database. We can also pull the customization information from orders api.
  3. Update tracking numbers – We can submit the tracking numbers to marketplace as you ship the items.
  4. Analytical reports – We can create a number of analytical reports based on the sales data we receive from seller central.
  5. Create outbound shipments – We can add modules in your current shipment program to create and track shipments.
  6. Multi-Channel Fulfillment – If you use FBA, we can help you with writing modules that will enable you to forward the shipment requests to FBA and track the statuses.
  7. Replenishment Reports – Create replenishment reports based on the sales data.
  8. Purchase Orders – Send purchase orders to vendors.
  9. Campaign Performance – Download marketing campaigns and the performance data to create analytical reports and optimize them for better performance.

The above are just examples of what can be achieved. We can help you with building solutions quickly and deploy them to boost your sales and increase ROI.

We are Microsoft partners and we build solutions on .Net technologies and latest web technologies. Hire us now! for your next MWS implementation.

Hire us now!

Here are few projects that we worked on using MWS API.

Design Automation using Adobe Illustrator Scripting

Our client is a custom/personalized gifts vendor that sells products on its Shopify marketplace platforms. Previously, the company relied on employee intervention to create design proofs with Adobe Illustrator before a product was approved for printing. In order to expedite the company’s fulfillment cycle, Aroopa developed an illustrator scripting program that automates the design processes.…

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Analytical Dashboard – MWS API Development

Our client is an marketplace vendor that sells their products across USA, Canada, and India marketplace platforms. The customer was looking for an automated solution with tasks regarding order processing, inventory tracking, shipment tracking, Inbound shipment tracking, Reserved inventory tracking and repricing. We developed a web-based application that extracts analytical reports using MWS APIs on…

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Order Management System (OMS & WMS)

Our client is a multichannel grocery seller who sells on eBay marketplace platforms. The customer usually gets 500 orders a day and processing them was a nightmare. We developed a solution that will centralize all of their orders in a simple web interface. This solution connects to eBay using their APIs and pulls the orders…

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Marketplace Order Processing Outsourcing

Our client is an ecommerce seller and they work with a number of suppliers and manufacturers. Our client sell their products on various marketplaces such as ebay, jet, wayfair, walmart, rakuten and many other channels. We were hired to manage their marketplace presence and process all the customers orders. We helped them with a. Dropshipping…

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