Our client is a rugs manufacturer. They were using nopCommerce 3.6 version and the goal was to update the store to the latest 4.0 version. This is a major change in the architecture of nopCommerce. Upgrading to nopCommerce 4.0 will allow the customer to be uptodate with latest patches and features. We helped the customer with

  1. Upgrading their store from nopCommerce 3.6 to nopCommerce 4.0
  2. Migrating the data.
  3. Migrating the theme designs
  4. Install and reconfigure all the plugins.


Technologies Used: nopCommerce 3.6, nopCommerce 4.0, asp.net, .net core

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Aroopa Inc is a nopCommerce certified solution provider. We help customers with setting up the nopcommerce based ecommerce stores, customizing the themes, installing and configuring nopcommerce plugins. Our nopCommerce developers/nopCommerce development team bring in extensive experience and can get your site built quickly and professionally. Please do contact us for estimates.

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