Freshdesk is one of the leading providers of a powerful CRM software and is an alternative software for Zendesk, ZohoCRM and other leading CRM softwares. Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling businesses of all sizes to provide great customer service. Aroopa Inc/SM Business Solutions has partnered with Freshdesk in carrying that mission alongside.

Services from Aroopa:

1. Freshdesk Integration Services:

Aroopa is specialized in the field of integrating powerful CRM platform such as Freshdesk. We have an experience of over 10 years in B2B services. If you have a system in place, we first analyze your business need, try to understand what you are willing to accomplish with CRM, Guide you with the different integrations options available and finally we will help you in completely integrating Freshdesk with your platform.

This type of integration will save a lot of money and time as you will not have to create many accounts for all your users, you will have the power to use a single integration to action all your customer tickets. Integrate once to have many accounts. Isn’t it time and money saving? Give us the command to help you and we will assist you in accomplishing great things. Our certified technicians will help you end to end in complete integration services. We’ll make your transition to Freshdesk smooth and efficient within no time.

2. Freshdesk Setup Service:

Aroopa provides a world class service in configuring powerful CRM tool like Freshdesk and we offer an extensive configuration setup upon understanding your business needs. Our Freshdesk specialists can also assist configuring your Freshdesk account in various languages and integrate it in several media to truly benefit from the great features offered by your Freshdesk plan. We make your transition to Freshdesk easy. We provide best practices, custom configuration, custom development, and extensive support and training. Contact us to learn about how you can get the best experience with Freshdesk. We will get you up and running in no time! Want to know more? Contact us!!

3. Freshdesk Custom Branding:

Aroopa believes in being unique. We follow this approach and we want our clients to be the way they desire. This is why we offer a service where, we modify and customize Freshdesk to the way you would like it to be, the way your website should be. We will change the look and feel of Freshdesk to the way you want your website to be. By doing this, the look interface and look of youe website will not be changed, rather the look of Freshdesk will be customized to the way your website looks like. Sounds like something you have been waiting for? Do contact us and we will help you get there.

Aroopa has been committed for years to help business achieve their true potential by using our technology expertise and making anything possible for our clients knowing their requirements. We’ll make your transition to Freshdesk smooth and efficient.

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